Insider reveals how much each player will make for playing in the playoffs

June 6, 2022  (9:26)

With the new CBA the NHLPA negotiated with the NHL here's a look into what each time that has played in the playoffs has made per round, losers included.

Article 28 provides the Players with a $20 million lump-sum payout, based upon where the Players are in the playoffs, and where the club finishes in the playoffs.
Allocation will be determined by the NHLPA.
We will start with the Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, Los Angeles Kings, and Dallas Stars. For all first-round exits, all 8 clubs according to article 28 of the CBA will be allocated $390,625.00 for their playoff bonus.
Which leads to a question, who decides how it gets split?
While the above numbers show you how much each team gets, it then has to be divided amongst the players themselves — leaving a much smaller sum. Each team votes on how to give out the shares, so the resulting amount will be on a team by team basis and doesn't necessarily have to be the same across the board.

Usually, players who participated in all of the playoff games will receive larger bonuses than teammates who perhaps only played in one or two. When the NHL calls up black aces at the end of their season to use as reserve players, it's only natural that these rostered individuals won't get an equal share of the bonus when compared with the players who competed with the team for the entire season.

Which leaves the Florida Panthers, Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues, and Carolina Hurricanes. Since the Panthers won the President's Trophy and exited in the 2nd round, they are the odd club out here and will receive according to the CBA: $1,562,500 to be distributed, as they get $781,250 for winning the President's Trophy and their 2nd round playoff bonus.
The other 2nd rounders, will each receive $781,250.00 which is a nice bonus for the Flames, Hurricanes, and the Blues.
The losers of the 3rd round, whoever they will be, to be determined will net a playoff bonus of $1,875,000. Though it is increasingly looking like the Tampa Bay Lightning and Edmonton Oilers will be joining the ranks soon, in my opinion.
Finalists will net a cool $3,437,500 for a playoff bonus, deservedly so, the Montreal Canadiens' hurt feelings were probably blunted a bit with that cash.
And lastly, Stanley Cup winners net $5,781,250 to be distributed as determined by team and players. So in two years, the Tampa Bay Lightning has made $11,562,500 in their repeat cup-winning performance.
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