Insider reveals ins and outs of secret GM group chat

Published May 19, 2023 at 1:15 PM

When you think of the job of a General Manager in the National Hockey League, you probably envision a group of men sitting in offices behind a desk, or overlooking a hockey rink where the team they oversee is practicing or playing, but would it be conceivable to believe that each one of the leagues thirty-two General Managers is in a group chat together?

NHL Insider Chris Johnston has disclosed that every GM is part of a group chat where they discuss everything from potential trades to cracking jokes. Johnston has also admitted that when one loses his job, he's booted from the chat immediately, the latest casualty to this was recently the recently dismissed Brad Treliving who held the job overseeing the Calgary Flames from 2014 until April 2023 where the Flames and Treliving mutually agreed to part ways.

To suggest that it's a surprise that a group chat between General Managers in the league exists would be asinine as being an executive in the National Hockey League is a lucrative job to some. It almost feels like they're all a member of a fraternity and when one makes a mistake, they're unceremoniously let go not only by the team but their peers as well.

It must be awkward when an individual gets relieved of his duties and deleted from the group chat and then hired later by another organization in the same capacity and re-added to it, but it's likely just part of the job.
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Insider reveals ins and outs of secret GM group chat

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