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Insider reveals what charges the 5 members of the 2018 Canadian World Junior team could be facing

Published January 28, 2024 at 6:53 PM
A few days ago now, 5 members of team Canada from 2018 World Juniors were told to report to London, Ontario go face charges.

Today, the first member of that team, Alex Formenton has come forward to face charges. According to Rick Westhead of TSN, we now know what those charges could be. They're quite extensive; take a look.

Several criminal lawyers who specialize in sexual assault cases have told me over the past days they expected former 2018 World Juniors players facing prosecution for an alleged sex assault in London, Ont., might face charges of gang sexual assault and forceable confinement.
Alex Formenton's attorney Daniel Brown told me today that the former Senators player has not been charged with either of those offences.
He declined to elaborate on what Formenton has been charged with.
If Formenton has been charged with common sexual assault, he faces a maximum 10 years in prison if he's found guilty.
People convicted of gang sexual assault face a maximum of 14 years.
(Toronto lawyer Alison Craig told me it's not uncommon for sexual assault charges to be upgraded after they are laid.)

As I said above, the charges the 5 members of the team could be facing are quite extensive and although at this time it looks as though Formenton could be on the lower end, the charges range from a maximum of 10-14 years on prison.

We'll have to see where this goes, but this seems to just be getting worse and worse for the players that were told to surrender to police.
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Insider reveals what charges the 5 members of the 2018 Canadian World Junior team could be facing

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