Insider reveals what the rest of the Vancouver Canucks think of JT Miller, and it's not good

Published January 3, 2023 at 9:18

Towards the end of the summer, the Vancouver Canucks locked up forward JT Miller to an eight year extension, and before the first year of the contract even begins, it's already looking like a massive mistake.

Miller has been known for poor efforts on defensive plays for a while, but that poor effort seems to be translating to vitriol towards his own teammates. In the dying minute of the Canucks' last game against the Flames, Miller was seen on the ice screaming at goaltender Colin Delia to go to the bench for the extra attacker, even though Miller was under pressure in the defensive zone. Miller even slammed his stick on his own net during the play.

Showing that level of frustration towards teammates is a horrible look for an NHL player, who rarely if ever criticize their teammates. It's an especially bad look coming from Miller, with his reputation for poor efforts in general. In the same game, the clip below highlights a specifically horrible backcheck from Miller.

Moreover, Miller seems to have no regret for his actions towards his teammates, and actually tried to compliment himself when asked about the play.

I'd like to say my lack of production is a compliment to me not cheating the game and playing the right way.

It's a sequence of events that seems to have impacted the Canucks locker room. Such public criticism and lack of personal accountability is usually detested by hockey players, and Miller doesn't seem to care. NHL insider Frank Seravalli confirmed today that Miller's teammates disagree with his actions and comments, to put it lightly.

He has kind of developed a reputation on that team of being a prick.

On a larger scale, the repeated failed seasons in Vancouver would make Miller a prime trade candidate, as he's still useful offensively. Unfortunately, his massive impending extension and character issues may force him to play out the contract with the Canucks due to lack of suitors around the league. With their much younger and much better player Bo Horvat set to walk in free agency this summer, the future looks bleak in Vancouver.
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Insider reveals what the rest of the Vancouver Canucks think of JT Miller, and it's not good

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