Jacob Trouba comments on whether he intended to hit Sidney Crosby

Published May 12, 2022 at 6:17 PM

Sidney Crosby left Game 5 of the playoffs at Madison Square Garden, as a result of Jacob Trouba's hit.

It's been reported that Crosby is currently being evaluated for a concussion today, and has missed over 108 games in the past due to multiple concussions suffered before. It's left a sour taste in a lot of Penguins fan's mouths, that Trouba won't be facing any fines or suspension.

Mike Sullivan believes there was intent to injure, while Trouba blames it on a fluky play on the puck:

"I tried going stick on puck...a fluky play. It wasn't really massively hard contact,» he said. «Unfortunately, you don't ever want to see somebody get hurt. I don't know exactly what the injury is, but hopefully, he gets better soon."

After Crosby left the game, the Rangers were able to combat the offensive deficiency, by scoring 3 times in 3 minutes, being down 0-2 beforehand.

New York's "Kid Line" showed up last night, with Filip Chytil putting up a goal as well.

«It's great. We started to play together last season and this season we didn't see much together,» Chytil explained about the line. «But I think we built from every game the chemistry and we're just young guys so we're just trying to play hockey. Have fun and just do the right things. Work hard and I think we're getting better with each game.»

Sullivan and the Penguins will have an ax to grind tonight, as their star Center, with 31 goals and 84 points, in 69 games this season will have to use their depth to stay competitive to win the series. Crosby in the post-season has nine points, with two goals and seven assists.

Said Sullivan on Thursday: "We can win games regardless of who is in our lineup. We have a lot of depth at all of the positions. We believe we have what it takes to win. ... This group has always had the 'next man up mentality."
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