Jake Virtanen's lawyer tries to use a disgusting approach during his sexual assault case

S. Harper
July 23, 2022  (2:17 PM)

The trial against former Vancouver Canucks player Jake Virtanen began after allegations of sexual assault that date back to September of 2017. The alleged assault occured in his hotel room at the Westin Bayshore Hotel.

In testimony Friday the female victim testified Virtanen used his body weight to pin her on the bed before having non-consensual sex.
However the former NHLer has claimed his innocence and defence had the audacity to suggest the female victim in question could have done more to avoid sex. Suggesting:
Virtanen's Lawyer: She could of lied about having a yeast infection or said she was menstruating if she really didn't want to have sex with the former Vancouver Canuck.

Victim: I thought saying no, I don't want to do this and physically pushing him off of me was enough. What else did I have to say?

The female victim who's name has been protected by a publication ban said:
She fended off Virtanen's physical advances and told him multiple times she didn't want to have sex. She testified he used his body weight to pin her on the bed before having non-consensual sex.

Virtanen, 25, is facing one count of sexual assault. Virtanen's Lawyers also would disrespectfully claim that the female victim is only interested in getting money.
"MS" as they are calling the female victim described feeling like a prostitute when Virtanen originally agreed to drive her back to her friends house would just throw cash on her for a taxi.
"He gave you more than enough money," said Martland.

"Yes," said MS.

"And that made you feel like a sex trade worker," asked Martland.

"Yes, because he just threw the money at me. I felt degraded. He just tossed the money at me and left," she said.

Complainant in Jake Virtanen sex assault trial testifies she repeatedly said she didn't want sex however the defence would insist this was just her looking to get money a lot of money.
"The amount of trauma and stress I've been through isn't worth any amount of money," replied MS.

Only both the female known as MS and Jake Virtanen know what really happened in that hotel room but we hope justice is served for whoever is the real victim.
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