Kevin Bahl and Trent Frederic Drop The Gloves for a big boy scrap

Published December 29, 2022 at 9:46

About ten minutes into the Bruins Devils game last night, Trent Frederic and Kevin Bahl got into a scrap. After the play was blown dead from an offside call, Frederic and Bahl came together in the corner boards. Some pushing and shoving ensued, and the linesman tried to separate the two. The linesman's attempt to break it up failed because Bahl had already dropped his gloves and Frederic did the same. Check out the replay below to see what happened.

Bahl landed a few right hands to start the fight and it looked like a win for Bahl. You have to give Frederic credit for hanging in there. After enduring a few right hands, Frederic returned the favor and gave Bahl several consecutive right hands. After a round of applause from everyone, both players were exhausted and were assessed five-minute majors.

Both these skaters provide a tough physical presence by being in the lineup. Bahl is six foot six inches and weighs in at two hundred thirty pounds. Frederic is no small guy either. He's listed at six foot three inches and weighs two hundred fourteen pounds. It was a good spirited hockey fight between two hardnosed hockey players. No doubt their scrap, sparked both teams early in the game.

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Kevin Bahl and Trent Frederic Drop The Gloves for a big boy scrap

Who won the fight?

Trent Frederic4067.8 %
Kevin Bahl1932.2 %
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