Michael Schumacher
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Legendary race car driver to make appearance 10 years after coming out of a coma

Published January 19, 2024 at 9:34
As an avid sports fan I follow all kinds of sports and respect athletes at all Elite levels. When it comes to F1 racing there is no one more elite than Michael Schumacher. That's why in December of 2013 when Schumacher was involved in a terrible skiing accident it took the sporting world by surprise.

At the time of his injuries it wasn't immediately known if he would survive, before it was finally revealed he'd entered a coma. It took six months before Schumacher would finally awake in June of 2014. Since then the racing superstar's health has been an incredibly well kept secret.

With few public appearances fans have wondered about his condition. Today however some extremely positive news was released. According to multiple sources Schumacher will be making an upcoming public appearance at his daughter's wedding.

Gina Schumacher, 26, will be marrying her 27-year-old boyfriend Iain Bethke at a private event in Spain. This is one of the few positive updates we've received from the Schumacher Family after this incredibly painful tragedy.
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