Lengthy Suspension for Former NHLer Following Brutal Hit

Published October 1, 2023 at 10:28

A lengthy suspension has been handed to a former NHLer following a hit where he planted his shoulder into the face of an opponent. The hit happened yesterday in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). Anton Lindholm was immediately given a match penalty.He has since been suspended five games and will pay a fine of just over $7000 USD.

Lindholm, who has been playing for Leksand of the SHL for the past three seasons, hit Henrik Bjorklund of Färjestad with his team down 3-0.

In its ruling, the SHL's Disciplinary Committee said Bjorklund did not put himself in danger and the severity of the hit is completely on Lindholm

"The hit involves a great risk of injury and is disrespectful."

"The tackled player cannot in any significant way be considered to have contributed to the tackle hitting the head."

Lindholm played 66 games in the NHL, all with the Colorado Avalanche, before leaving the league in 2021. Bjorklund was drafted by the Calgary Flames in 2009 but has never played in North América.

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Lengthy Suspension for Former NHLer Following Brutal Hit

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