Lie detector results revealed in Hockey Canada scandal

S. Harper
August 3, 2022  (3:55 PM)

Hockey Canada has had it's reputation tarnished by alleged sexual allegations against former players from both the 2003 and 2018 World Junior's teams. After a lackluster internal investigation by Hockey Canada resolved nothing, the Federal Government froze funding of Hockey Canada until a public inquiry is completed.

The unknown victim went on to file a $3.5 million dollar against 8 players after she said she was:
Humiliated and degraded by them in a London Ontario Hotel room.

The complainant at the centre of an alleged group sexual assault that's shaken Canada's sports world says she has fully co-operated at all times with a police investigation into her case, despite Hockey Canada originally saying she didn't. 
The statement of claim:
"which has not been proven in court, said the hockey players brought golf clubs to the hotel room to further intimidate her, directed the woman to shower after the sexual assault and told her to say she was sober while they videotaped a consent video."

The alleged victim would also admit she tried to pursue criminal charges against those players involved.
"This woman has fully engaged and co-operated with all the legal and formal investigations surrounding these events," wrote Talach in a statement with CBC News. 

Hockey Canada released a statement in May that appears to contradict her statement as Hockey Canada revealed the alleged victim didn't cooperate with the London police investigation. 
"The person bringing the allegations forward chose not to speak with either police or with Hockey Canada's independent investigator and also chose not to identify the players involved," reads the statement that followed TSN's reporting on the case. "This was her right and we fully respect her wishes."
The Woman of Canada's Women's hockey team has also shared they want the truth to come to light as they too have had their funding frozen by the Government until this investigation is completed.
Worse for Hockey Canada, the victim of the assault reportedly took a polygraph test which corroborated her statements.
Hockey Canada has made 21 different settlements involving Sexual incidents since 1989 a stat that is very disturbing.
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