Lou Lamoriello accused of tampering with Bo Horvat

Published February 1, 2023 at 4:04 PM

When the New York Islanders acquired Bo Horvat from the Vancouver Canucks it came at a hefty cost. The deal sent a 1st round pick, Autu Raty and Anthony Beauvillier to Vancouver, and saw Bo Horvat shipped to New York in return. The deal seemed even more odd that it didn't come with an extension for Horvat.

Then news broke that the Canucks refused to let other teams speak to Horvat about an extension. This decision forced many teams out of the conversation for Horvat, given the price for a rental was prohibitive for many.

Pierre LeBrun revealed the following information:

One of the sticking points from some teams who were interested in going further down the road on trade talks regarding Horvat was that the Canucks did not give permission to the player's camp to talk extension with other teams.

Following the deal more and more news began to leak about Horvat and his future. Some of that news caught the attention of fans, especially after Frank Seravalli revealed the following:

My understanding is Lou wasn't pulling the trigger on this deal unless he knew Horvat was re-signing.

How could Lou know that Horvat was signing an extension if the Canucks didn't allow any teams to talk with Horvat or his representation? Well Canucks fans think they know how and it isn't exactly legal.

It's clear that the Canucks fan base feels that Lou crossed some lines during these negotiations. But will the NHL investigate this situation? The league appeared to ignore clear tampering over the summer, when players like Claude Giroux and Jack Campbell had deals announced hours before they were even allowed to speak to other teams.

Its unlikely anything comes of this, but it is certainly a situation to watch.
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Lou Lamoriello accused of tampering with Bo Horvat

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