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Major update on World Juniors Hockey Canada Scandal

Published August 10, 2023 at 2:41 PM

Hockey Canada has been surrounded in controversy for over a year now. The 2018 team Canada group has been investigated by the London police who are prepared to release their findings very shortly. After news of the scandal broke, many players used their agents or their legal representation to issue statements.

All of the players on the team who issued statements denied involvement or any wrongdoing in the matter. But today news has broke that some of those players that denied any involvement are actually implicated in the investigation.

Frank Seravalli provided the following update:

There are some players who said they had nothing to do with this story and made an official statement or asked their agent to make one who are involved.

This news makes the investigation that much more difficult to follow as many had used player's statements to try and determine potential involvement. Seravalli believes that an announcement on players involvement is imminent and could come at anytime.
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Major update on World Juniors Hockey Canada Scandal

If players are involved in the investigation should they be allowed to play?

Yes, until they're found guilty00 %
No, kick them out of the league00 %
Suspend them without pay00 %
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