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Marc-Andre Fleury sweepstake is down to one team

Published March 17, 2022 at 12:18

Marc-Andre Fleury's name has been in the rumour mill for months now and he's been linked to anywhere from Colorado, Edmonton, Washington and Toronto. But according to Elliotte Friedman the list of teams interested in his services might be down to just one, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

According to Friedman, Fleury doesn't have any interest in joining the Capitals as he still holds some bitterness from the Penguins versus Capitals rivalry earlier in his career. During his 32 Thoughts article Friedman shared the following information:

Finally, on goaltending: Erik Källgren — Swedish for «saviour»? — brought Toronto stability on Tuesday night against Dallas. Edmonton and Minnesota have looked at the goalie market and decided against it, feeling the acquisition cost is too high for the potential solution. There are also teams that feel plugging in a goalie this late in the season is too risky. In Edmonton's case, GM Ken Holland felt it didn't make sense as the Oilers slipped toward the playoff cutline. You're not, he said, going to trade your best picks or prospects if not good enough to contend for the Stanley Cup. I wondered if Toronto would feel the same way as Boston closed in, but the Maple Leafs are far from conceding, even though some private models are less kind to their overall defensive play than public ones. The win over Dallas tied them for fifth in the NHL with a .675 points percentage, and they believe that is a true representation of who they are. They also have a potential option Edmonton didn't — Marc-Andre Fleury. If the Maple Leafs go down that road, it'll come down to whether or not Fleury thinks he can win there. A number of you tweeted at me about the possibility of John Gibson ... I don't think so.

The Maple Leafs have been plagued by terrible goaltending for the entire calendar year of 2022, so you have to believe that with an impending meeting against the Lightning or Panthers has the Maple Leafs looking to shore up their goalie situation before it costs them when it matters most.

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