Mark Stone throws a hissy fit after taking a HUGE hit

Published September 28, 2023 at 10:12

Mark Stone has a well documented history of injuries across his NHL career. Last season Stone missed significant time with another back issue, only playing 43 regular season games. Reports surfaced over the summer that Stone would likely be in and out of the lineup for the rest of his career as he tried to manage his injuries.

During last night's preseason game between the Los Angeles Kings and Vegas Golden Knights, Stone's back was tested for the first time this season. As Stone played a puck below the goal line he was lined up by Hayden Hodgson. The hit from Hodgson sends Stone crashing hard into the boards and Stone is immediately furious.

Immediately after the hit the Knights players, Stone included began to swarm Hodgson. On the play the referees handed out 7 penalties including a misconduct penalty to Kevin Connauton. The Knights would go onto lose the game 4-3 in overtime, but after the game Stone wasn't done complaining about the play.

That's probably the last time I'll ever play against that guy. Not really much of a player, so I'll leave it at that.

While Stone felt the need to take an additional shot at Hodgson, the truth is he's likely just upset that he got caught with his head down. Instead of acknowledging his mistake, Stone felt like he should take the opportunity to dunk on a journeyman player trying to do his best to make a real name for himself and continue his pro hockey career.

Despite what Stone may think, these comments don't make Stone look as good as he probably thinks.
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Mark Stone throws a hissy fit after taking a HUGE hit

Does Mark Stone have a reason to be upset?

Yes, it's preseason no need for that hit11016.4 %
No, he got caught. Get over it.46669.7 %
He's just passionate142.1 %
Responding to the hit is fine, but not the comment7911.8 %
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