Matt Martin and Nick Foligno drop the gloves after Martin CRUSHES Tomas Nosek

Published March 26, 2022 at 3:22 PM

During the 3rd period with the Boston Bruins leading the game 6-2, forward Matt Martin delivered a crushing hit to New York's, Tomas Nosek. The hit left Nosek visibly shaken as he headed straight to the bench. Nosek's teammate Nick Foligno saw this transpire and despite being outmatched he dropped the gloves with Martin.

Foligno and Martin had been building tension throughout the game as both men were issued roughing minors in the 2nd period. After the fight both men were given major penalties, while Foligno also received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

The Bruins went on to win 6-3 and remain one of the hottest teams in hockey.

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