McDavid pulls aside reporter who called him out in the most BOSS way ever

Published February 11, 2022 at 2:35 PM

Earlier this season Leon Draisaitl took a lot of heat for his interaction with veteran reporter Jim Matheson, so today Connor McDavid took a different approach with an Oilers beat reporter. Yesterday after the firing of Dave Tippett an Oilers reporter wrote a scathing article criticizing McDavid's urge to compete and it's clear today, McDavid wasn't having it.

But rather than doing it during a public forum, McDavid took the proper approach in calling Spector out as the media availability was ending. McDavid clearly did so in front of all Oilers reporter so they were aware of the situation, but he was choosing to handle this situation behind closed doors.

The comment by Spector in questions were the following:

"Connor McDavid uses his surreal speed to fly the zone and scorer highlight-reel goals, but not often enough to prevent chances in his own zone. He's great with the puck, but without it McDavid -- who has spoken of his need to defend better, and has made strides -- still couldn't carry Sid Crosby's equipment bag.

He could, if he wanted to. If McDavid ever wants to win, he's better learn to want to."
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