Media members launching complaints with the NHL after players not made available post game

Published March 13, 2023 at 11:51

After an intense game and a close 3-2 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the New York Rangers continued what's become a growing trend in the league. According to reports, almost all of the Rangers declined to speak to the media for post-game interviews.

Rangers beat reporters initially noted it was Jaroslav Halak who denied speaking to the media, before others added it wasn't only Halak, but many of the players who refuse.

While the players ought to owe fans and the league post game interviews (and better ones at that) to create storylines and grow the game, the fact that players are refusing just speaks to a poor relationship between players and media. Some reporters in hit markets such as New York can be vindictive, which is evident in the tone demanding to speak to Halak after what was a completely acceptable performance.

Another example recently is from the Edmonton Oilers, where Mark Spector revealed that some team veterans have nixed the ability for some younger players to talk to the media. With contentious moments between the media and Oilers players, like famously asking why Draisaitl was «pissy», it's understandable but still disappointing that players deny interviews.

Hopefully, player and media relationships can improve to the point where greater post game interview access is returned. Even more so, that perhaps those interviews become more substantive and entertaining rather than mountains of cliches.
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Media members launching complaints with the NHL after players not made available post game

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