Michael Bunting comments on being pushed by linesmen

Published December 21, 2022 at 12:21

Last night when the Toronto Maple Leafs took on the Tampa Bay Lightning things got a little heated as one would expect, especially after their hotly contested playoff series last year.

However, it was the linesmen Dan Kelly that stole the show, forcefully pushing Leafs forward Michael Bunting off the ice, in what some consider an egregious display of force. Here's what Bunting had to say after the game when he realized he played against Dan Kelly when Kelly was a member of the Albany Devils:

«I probably have a history with everybody, just kidding

Some people think this is overblown and while they might be a right, if a play cannot touch an official, why is an official allowed to forcefully push a player though the gate?

It also rubs me the wrong way that there's a possibility of history between the two, joking or not, referees are supposed to be unbiased, if those officials are former players who played against those in the games they're reffing, that becomes a conflict of interest.

At the end of the day though, Bunting seems to want to move on from the incident and chalk it up to the emotions of the game at the highest level.

Emotions were high. It's hockey. You move on from it.

Either way, something needs to be done and consequences need to be sent Dan Kelly's way or this will continue to happen, which is unacceptable
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Michael Bunting comments on being pushed by linesmen

Should the linesman have pushed Bunting?

No, but he should just get off the ice9439.2 %
Yes, Bunting deserved it6928.8 %
No circumstances make the shove okay7732.1 %
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