More information leaks about the Coyotes 'Logo Gate' situation

Published May 19, 2022 at 11:50

When it was rumored that the Arizona Coyotes wouldn't be allowed to have their logo on center ice, many people felt like it was just the next chapter of their embarrassing story. The move to a 4,700 seat arena was bad enough, but the Coyotes followed that up with their ridiculous ticket pricing. Throw in the criticism that the franchise has received from NHL players and the NHLPA and this just seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

On Tuesday there was news released that the Coyotes wouldn't be allowed to put their logo at center ice. The story claimed that instead they would have to play with the Arizona State University logo instead. Coyotes Insider, Craig Morgan, turned to social media to debunk some of those reports.

As for some interpretations that the Coyotes won't be able to put their logo at center ice at the ASU Multipurpose arena, that is incorrect.

Both teams' identities will be reflected. All that the agreement stipulates is that the Coyotes cannot alter anything ASU puts into the ice.

That clause in the venue license agreement reads as follows:

Licensee the Coyotes shall be obligated to use reasonable efforts to include references to the Arena in all television or radio advertising for each Coyotes Home Game and Licensee shall not make or authorize any video or broadcast in which the arena name on the ice is changed or obscured.

Per ASU, the Coyotes and ASU logos will be on center ice, but the Coyotes are prohibited from including any of their other normal in-ice branding as was seen at Gila River Arena, their former home. They are also prevented from digitally covering up the ASU logo on their broadcasts.

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More information leaks about the Coyotes 'Logo Gate' situation

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