Multiple people who messaged Kadri racist comments found and punished

Published May 25, 2022 at 11:03

Nazem Kadri received a multitude of racist messages and threats through his Instagram and Twitter account. Yesterday his wife revealed some of those messages and much to the surprise of some of those people, the internet went to work uncovering their identities.



While some of these messages were sent from anonymous accounts others were sent from personal accounts with links to people's personal information. While the thought process for some is that the internet remains anonymous that's really not the case.

Today it was announced that some of these individuals had received punishments for their actions.

Drew Bauman sent Kadri the following message:

Fuck you dirty piece of shit
coming at our goalie because you can't fucking score on him. hope you spill rubbing alcohol in your eyes and go blind and then walk off a cliff you dumb piece of shit you should've never came to america you fucking immigrant

Bauman also included in his bio that he played for a local St. Louis soccer team, who were promptly contacted about his behavior. The club was quick to act sending out the following statement.

Carter Wiegard sent the following message:

David Perron is your daddy you Muslim son of a bitch. Lick the bottom side of my nut sack. You should be praising Allah or bombing buildings or chopping peoples heads off like the Muslim you are you son of a bitch. You are ISIS. The Blues own your sweet ass.

The internet was also able to locate Wiegard. Wiegard lost his fraternity membership and is currently having his comments investigated by the Dean of his university.

This is another example of how your internet activity can impact your everyday life. How your actions have consequences and why it's important to be a good person.
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