NHL Announces massive Change To This Year's All-Star Skills Competition

Published December 13, 2023 at 10:11 PM

The NHL earlier promised fans that it would bring the league's All-Star game back to something that meant more than it has for the last few years. It's starting to deliver on that promise.

The NHL earlier stated that the 2024 All-Star Game in Toronto would include a completely revamped skills competition after complaints from fans that it hasn't really showcased skills over the past few years. Now, players are being given the opportunity at a big prize to give it their all.

"Instead of every all-star participating, the new format will feature just 12 NHL players battling each other in eight events. They'll receive points for where they place in those events. The individual player who accumulates the most points on the night will win $1 million." - ESPN

The competition, which was developed with help from Connor McDavid, includes the following events.

"The 2024 NHL All-Star Skills events are:

1. Fastest Skater

2. Hardest Shot

3. Stick Handling

4. One Timers

5. Passing Challenge

6. Accuracy Shooting

7. The NHL Shootout (top 8 players)

8. The NHL Obstacle Course (top 6 players)"

A full explanation of the rules, points system, and how players have to be choosy over which events to be involved in is included in the ESPN report. It's good to see the league taking steps to respond to complaints from fans. I personally think far more is needed for the All-Star game yet, but this has the ability to be a good start.

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NHL Announces massive Change To This Year's All-Star Skills Competition

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