NHL Insider believes Flyers are trying to trade defenceman

Published February 25, 2022 at 11:57

It has been quite the season for Rasmus Ristolainen, he was traded to the Flyers in the offseason from the Sabres in exchange for Robert Hagg, round 1 pick in the 2021 draft and round 2 pick in the 2023 draft.

After being drafted in 2013, he has spent some long years in Buffalo without coming close to the playoffs. On paper the Flyers looked like a contender this year, so he was probably pretty excited about the chance to finally get to play in some playoff hockey.

Well, atleast with the Flyers, that does not look like it will be the case this year. But good news for Ristolainen is that Insider Elliote Friedman believes he will be traded by the deadline. He wrote in this 32 thoughts:

I think Rasmus Ristolainen gets moved. He wants a playoff series. Not only do I understand the desire to finally get a chance after almost 600 games, but I could see Ristolainen thinking postseason style as beneficial for his market value.

Where do you think Ristolainen will end up?
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