NHL Insider reveals why Vladimir Tarasenko fired his agent and how many millions it may have cost him

Published July 6, 2023 at 11:44

Rumors circulated earlier this week that Vladimir Tarasenko had signed a contract with the Carolina Hurricanes. Unfortunately that deal reportedly fell through. Hours after news broke that the deal would not be proceeding, Tarasenko made the decision to fire his agent.

Tarasenko had been linked to multiple teams at the time, so the termination surprised many. Larry Brooks from the New York Post provided some clarity on why Tarasenko made the decision.

Have learned that Tarasenko had multiple offers from clubs ranging from contenders to rebuilds in the $5.5-to-$6M per category at varying lengths. Rejected all—Carolina was one—and then fired agent. Kind of strange. (Had wanted to remain with Rangers but there was simply no space

According to Brooks Tarasenko's agent had cost his client at a minimum of $11,000,000. After turning down these multi-year offers it became clear Tarasenko realized he was receiving some very bad advice.
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