NHL Legend Chris Pronger shares his opinion on Jacob Trouba being called a dirty player

Published December 6, 2022 at 3:13 PM

Earlier this week Andreas Athanasiou accused Jacob Trouba of trying to injure players during a post game media availability. Athanasiou was upset after Trouba landed a massive hit on him, as he carried the puck through the neutral zone. Luckily for Athanasiou he got his head up just in time and was able to absorb the hit, without taking contact to the head.

Athanasiou shared the following thoughts with Ben Pope:

That guy is known for hitting high, not really worrying about the puck out there and almost trying to hurt people. That's his game; that's what he does. He's an $8 million man with zero goals, so he has to figure out how to do something when making that much. If you can't help the team, I guess you try to hurt guys on the other team.

It was a weird play. The puck was there. He could've made a play on the puck. Instead it's like [he had] an intent to try to hurt somebody. He's been known to do that. You have to know when he's on the ice, and he got me there.

Now NHL Legend Chris Pronger was asked about his thoughts on Trouba's check and he had the following to say:

Last time I checked hitting was still legal in the NHL. Maybe he should get his head up and stop whining to the reporters and go out and do something about it. And if he doesn't want to, then play better. It's a huge part of the game for Jacob Trouba, playing physical, being a competitor. I think we saw a little bit of it last year with Sidney Crosby in the playoffs. He makes players pay the price. He's on the edge at times, but most often than not he's within the rule book. He has great open ice hits as we just saw.

It's clear that Pronger understands the value Trouba brings to his team and like he mentions, Trouba plays on the edge without going over it.
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NHL Legend Chris Pronger shares his opinion on Jacob Trouba being called a dirty player

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