NHL Players Association fires one of their longest serving members as they look to put the player's first

Published August 17, 2023 at 5:58 PM

For years the National Hockey League Player's Association has been the laughing stock of professional sports. Under the leadership of Don Fehr and Mathieu Schneider the players appear to have lost every single negotiation. From a hard salary cap, to a ridiculous escrow payment the players never came out on the winning end of negotiations.

With the latest hiring of Marty Walsh this is expected to change. Today the announcement was released by Frank Seravalli that at the suggestion of Marty Walsh, the players have elected to terminate the deal of Schneider.

Sources say Mathieu Schneider and the #NHLPA have parted ways, after 12 years at the No. 2 post in the players' union. Told the push was made by executive director Marty Walsh.

This is a huge win of a regime looking to erase the losing legacy of the previous management. Since taking over Walsh has done nothing but hold the league accountable. Walsh previously refused to negotiate a salary cap increase with the league this past summer after the league demanded additional escrow payments.

This is a major victory for the Players Association who for years couldn't catch a single break.
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