Lukas Dostal of the Anaheim Ducks
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NHL Team Publicly Calls Out Toronto Media for Terrible Headline that Dissed Goaltender

Published January 4, 2024 at 5:15 PM
Media organizations in a hockey crazy city like Toronto receive tons of criticism from fans for the things they write and report. This time, an NHL team has publicly called out one of them after a headline that just seemed unnecessary.

The Toronto Maple Leafs were in Anaheim to face the Ducks last night. The team are far apart when it comes to playoff and Stanley Cup contention. Still, backed by an amazing performance by rookie goaltender Lukas Dostal, the Ducks pushed the Leafs to the brink, getting the game into overtime for Auston Matthews netted the winner. This morning, the Toronto Sun released an article analyzing the Leafs' win over Anaheim. The headline completely dismissed the 55 save performance by Dostal.

"Auston Matthews saves day in OT after no-name goalie vexes Maple Leafs." Toronto Sun Headline

The Ducks, understandably, didn't appreciate the disrespect for the Czech rookie netminder and called on the Toronto Sun to "do better."

"His name is Lukas Dostal. He had 55 saves last night. He was NHL Rookie of the Month in October. Be better, @TheTorontoSun."

The article itself, written by Lance Hornsby, was not as dismissive to Dostal as the headline itself. It's unknown whether it was one he pitched, or whether an editor at the Sun wrote the headline.

It was bad enough that even several Maple Leafs fans replied to the Ducks saying Dostal was great, and the headline was undeserved.

"The Toronto Sun doesn't speak for Leaf Fans, we know Dostal is a great tendy not a 'no name goalie.'"

"From Leafs Nation, We apologize for the trash Toronto media. This headline is completely unacceptable."

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NHL Team Publicly Calls Out Toronto Media for Terrible Headline that Dissed Goaltender

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