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NHL agent claims the team has tried to trade his client since the moment he signed

Published December 16, 2022 at 6:52 PM

JP Barry is one of the most well known agents in the NHL. Barry represents a large amount of NHL's, including Tyler Myers. Tyler Myers is playing his fourth season for the Vancouver Canucks. Recall he signed a five year thirty million dollar contract back in 2019-2020. Lately Tyler Myers has had his name mentioned in trade rumors. As many NHL clubs are looking for defensive help. One of those team said to be interested in Myers was the Ottawa Senators. However, no deal with the Senators has been worked out. Now things have not gone well in Vancouver and Myers does have a modified no trade clause as part of his contract. That includes a list of ten teams he is not willing to play for.

Tyler Myers agent was asked if he had rejected a trade to Ottawa and he said that did not happen. JP Barry did suggest that since Myers signed in Vancouver that he'd been in trade rumors ever since he got to Vancouver. Maybe all this trade speculation is coming from the fans in Vancouver who want him gone or the perhaps it's coming from the media. You would have to think that Myers might be interested in joining a playoff contended especially considering how things are going for the Canucks lately. It appears that Brock Boeser and Bo Horvat are probably skating in their last season with the club as they look to retool for the future.

As the season progresses, Myers name will probably continue in trade rumors. Yeah he's not the former player he was, but he can still contribute and be an effective defenseman. Especially at his size. Myers has six assists in twenty six games played this season.

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