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NHL fans upset after league makes decision to go "woke" getting rid of linesmen

Published January 24, 2024 at 5:27 PM
For a long time now, the National Hockey League has called their on ice officials referees and linesmen because all of officials have been men up to this point. But within tbd last few years, we've seen an uptick of women break into the pro ranks as on ice officials.

Now, according to Marc Spector of Sportsnet, the NHL has made an interesting change on their game sheets recently as instead of the word linesmen they have replaced it with linespersons; take a look.

So, here's something new on the NHL game sheets these days.
Does this portend that Kirsten Welsh, a promising AHL "linesperson" is soon to break the barrier as an NHL official?
Stay tuned...

As Spector points out the American Hockey League does have a very promising women who works the lines routinely in games, Kirsten Welsh who could very well be the reason the NHL has changed ‘Linesmen' to ‘Linespersons'.

The change in verbiage could be a sign that Welsh might soon be the person to get the call to work for the NHL. This would surely be an amazing feat.

Although, some fans are not happy with the change.

Where do you land on this? Does the change matter at all?
January 24   |   325 answers
NHL fans upset after league makes decision to go "woke" getting rid of linesmen

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