NHL top prospect Shane Wright scores a nice goal during the Top Prospect game

Published March 25, 2022 at 1:24 PM

The CHL held the annual Canadian Hockey League Top Prospects game tonight in Kitchener. This game is designed to feature all the draft eligible players, for the upcoming draft. This game is historically a very competitive game, usually featuring big hits, great plays and even some fights. This isn't just your regular feature showcase, because it often gets valued very highly by scouts.

This year's top prospect is the Kingston Frontenac's, Shane Wright. Wright is expected to go 1st overall to whatever team holds the pick this summer and represents the likely only member of the CHL who will be selected in the top 5, as this year's draft appears heavy with European players.

During the top prospects' game, Wright showed off just exactly why he's expected to go first overall. While this goal isn't the nicest you'll see of his career, it easily highlights his hockey sense, skating and finishing abilities. Wright notices an opportunity in the defensive zone to turn a play into an odd man rush before it develops and then uses his superior skating to get himself into a positive position to make the rush dangerous.

Then like he has done, 25 times this season, Wright is able to bang home a nice pass for the finish. Whatever team is lucky enough to acquire Wright will have a phenomenal player for years to come.

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NHL top prospect Shane Wright scores a nice goal during the Top Prospect game

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