NHLPA unsure of filing grievance regarding Galchenyuk termination

Published July 18, 2023 at 4:37 PM

With the Alex Galchenyuk news coming to fruition and the fallout from the entire situation resulting in the Arizona Coyotes ending his contract there is word that the National Hockey League Players Association is unsure whether they will file a grievance on behalf of the twenty-nine-year-old.

Galchenyuk was arrested and charged after a July 9th incident involving a hit and run. Officers reportedly were threatened violently during the encounter, which was ultimately discovered by the Coyotes who released him. Galchenyuk will be entered into the NHL and NHLPA assistance program, which aims to help players who are facing situations such as substance abuse and behavioural issues.

While the Players Association should file a grievance and it is possibly something they are obligated to do, the situation involving Galchenyuk is a difficult scenario to decipher.

Substance abuse and mental health struggles are nothing to joke about and whether you believe in forgiveness regarding his actions, it should be reminded that although Galchenyuk is a professional athlete, he is a human first.
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NHLPA unsure of filing grievance regarding Galchenyuk termination

Should the Players Association file a grievance on behalf of Galchenyuk

Yes. It's within his right.7860.5 %
No. He doesn't deserve another chance.5139.5 %
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