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National Hockey League reportedly prepared to punish five players with significant suspensions

Published August 2, 2023 at 8:28

Hockey Canada's reputation has taken a significant hit over the last few years. The organization has lost major sponsors and the support of both the Canadian government and Canadian people.

The NHL, Hockey Canada and London Police have been working on an investigation stemming from a 2018 event. Multiple claims of assault have arisen from the event, which is only now being investigated.

According to Rick Westhead of TSN, on March 27th that The Heritage Committee has unanimously voted for a motion directing Hockey Canada to hand over law firm Henein Hutchison's final report detailing its investigation into the alleged events.

This comes four months after police investigators in London, Ont., said that they have "reasonable grounds" to believe that five members of the 2018 Canada World Juniors hockey team were involved in an assault of a woman in a hotel room after a Hockey Canada fundraising gala.

Reporter and co-host of the Cam and Strick podcast Andy Strickland said the following on the most recent episode:

Andy Strickland on Cam and Strick today said it's likely «5 players» will be facing NHL suspensions for their involvement in the 2018 WJC assault scandal. Said he knows the names but won't say them now.

«Some significant names» 👀

It appears like the investigation is heading for a conclusion with five players facing punishment. If it is proven that they committed the assault they deserve everything that's coming to them.

Hockey Canada made the announcement that no player from the 2018 World Juniors team is eligible to play for Canada's national team. This includes the upcoming 2023 IIHF World Championship.
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National Hockey League reportedly prepared to punish five players with significant suspensions

If five players are convicted of assault, what is a reasonable punishment for their NHL careers?

Not allowed to play another NHL game30639.3 %
Suspension For Entire Season13617.5 %
Fine and Suspension11815.1 %
Legal punishments only21928.1 %
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