National Hockey League set to lose another major partner as Gary Bettman's league continues to crumble

Published February 25, 2023 at 11:29

Gary Bettman recently declared that the NHL was healthier than ever, but since that time the NHL has run into major issues with 2 major broadcast partners. Yesterday news broke through The marketing teams of the Seattle Kraken, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Vegas Golden Knights just got a whole lot busier thanks to the announcement made today by Warner Bros. Discovery.

Warner Bros. Discovery informed professional-sports teams whose games are carried on three of its regional sports networks that it wishes to cease operating the channels and exit the business, according to people familiar with the matter.

The three regional sports networks were inherited by Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. when it acquired control of the WarnerMedia assets from AT&T Inc. T.

A letter was sent to teams Friday that warned «the business will not have sufficient cash to pay the upcoming rights fees,» which are believed to be due to the teams by late March.

» The letter proposes that AT&T SportsNet transfer ownership of the networks and programming rights to the teams for no purchase price consideration beyond a release by the teams of any future claims against the networks.»

Failing that, WBD suggested the networks will file for chapter 7 bankruptcy litigation.

Last week, the NHL issued a statement saying, «The NHL is closely monitoring the RSN situation. We will be prepared to address whatever circumstances dictate to provide our fans with access to our game.»

Viewership numbers have been on a steady decline for the last couple seasons. Fans have multiple ways to view the game now and it has reflected in the revenue brought in.

This news follows the news that Bally Sports is expected to be out of the network business within the next month. This will leave up to 11 teams without regional TV deals.
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National Hockey League set to lose another major partner as Gary Bettman's league continues to crumble

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