Nazem Kadri caught cheating during the skill competition

Published February 6, 2023 at 8:44

It surprised a lot of people when Nazem Kadri edged out Connor McDavid to win this year's Most Accurate Shooter Competition. While Kadri is an elite player in the league, McDavid's skill set is next level and usually separates him from the pack. But somehow, even though McDavid had a lead and went 4 for 4 on targets, he still lost the competition?

But how?

Well video shows that while McDavid remains behind the preset line for his entire turn, while Kadri on the other hand sneaks ahead of the line. Realizing late that he was behind, Kadri shifts his entire body ahead approximately a foot, allowing him to receive the pass faster and get his shot off quicker.

While it's clear Kadri gave himself a bit of an advantage, you have to remember what's really important's the All Star Competition and none of this actually matters. Hopefully Kadri enjoys those bragging rights and the $30,000 while McDavid goes home to his heated driveway and Stanley Cup contending team.
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Nazem Kadri caught cheating during the skill competition

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