New Rules Mean No More Changing in Dressing Rooms for Minor Hockey Players

Published October 4, 2023 at 3:04 PM

It's a new season for hockey parents across the country, and many of them are having to deal with new rules. Hockey Canada has a new policy that encourages minor hockey players to wear at least the base layer they would wear under their equipment to the rink. If they have to change, it won't be done in the dressing room.

Hockey Canada says any minor hockey player who needs to change their base outfit will do so in a closed washroom stall inside the rink.

"All participants have the right to utilize the dressing room or appropriate and equivalent dressing environment based on their gender identity, religious beliefs, body image concerns, and/or other reasons related to their individual needs." - Hockey Canada spokesperson Esther Madziya

Coaches and team staff members are responsible for informing players and parents of the new rules, and for ensuring players adhere to them.

Craig Robinson, coach of the Halifax Hawks minor hockey team, is in favour of the new rules.

"This isn't just about gender, it's about everyone being comfortable. Coaches can't always visually identify and automatically know what gender someone identifies with, so this just allows everybody to fit into that dressing room."

Robinson said some parents have complained about kids having to wear sweaty and sometimes smelly under gear to and from arenas. However, he believes it's a small price to pay for inclusion.

Source: Source: CBC.ca
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New Rules Mean No More Changing in Dressing Rooms for Minor Hockey Players

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