Parents lose their cool and start a fight at kids ball hockey game

Published June 6, 2023 at 7:24 PM

When you go to your kid's hockey game, you should be there to support them and try not to start fights, especially if the kids playing in the game you're watching are young.

This past weekend, at a kid's ball hockey game, as the players were leaving the rink, two parents came to blows at the exit door; take a look:

Parents lose their cool at a children's ball hockey game leading to punches being thrown.

It looks like some words are exchanged before the punches fly right as the kids are stepping off the floor, things escalate before by standers are forced to step in to try and separate the two combatants.

When you go to a kids hockey game, you're there to watch and be a role model. Losing your cool and fighting another parent, no matter the circumstance is never a good idea.

All in all some good punches were thrown before the two men were separated, but minor hockey these days, whether it be ball or on ice, is getting way out of hand.

Hopefully these parents learn from this and correct their behaviour.
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Parents lose their cool and start a fight at kids ball hockey game

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