Penguins trying to re-sign franchise defenceman

Published March 11, 2022 at 11:05

After 16 straight seasons with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Kristopher Letang's future with the team feels more uncertain than ever. The Penguins' dynasty days are coming to a close with most of their star players over the age of 34. Now, signing sign two franchise legends in Letang and Malkin to appropriate contracts may be difficult to achieve. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh, it seems even more difficult after Letang's supposed asking price.

Frank Seravalli of the Daily Faceoff reported today that Letang is seeking upwards of $7M over a five year term. That would sign Letang to a sizeable cap hit until he is 40 years old and would soon become an anchor of a contract. In response to Letang's asking price, the Pens have offered to overpay on a shorter term contract.

General Manager Brian Burke spoke earlier this week, and reiterated his desire to re-sign both Letang and Malkin, while recognizing the challenges of doing so. In conversation with Josh Yohe of the Athletic, Burke answered how probable signing both players is.

We'll see. We've had discussions (with the representatives for all three). We've made some progress. But we are not in a rush.

Previously, Burke has noted the uncertain salary situation and lack of non-roster assets in Pittsburgh may affect their ability to make trades at the deadline. If anything, the Penguins will look to add a middle six forward or top six defenceman for depth going into the playoffs. Beyond that, Brian Burke and Penguins fans are hoping Letang and Malkin will return as Penguins for next season.
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Penguins trying to re-sign franchise defenceman

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