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Phil Kessel shows incredible leadership after Clayton Keller injury

Published March 31, 2022 at 1:06 PM

Last night Clayton suffered a significant injury, one that appears to have ended his season. Keller was only 2-points shy of tying his career high in points, but now that seems far less important. The fall Keller took looked awful and that was immediately confirmed by medical staff calling for a stretcher and medical personnel to assist with Keller.

Obviously Keller's teammates were concerned, but one teammate in particular took on an incredible leadership role with the team. Phil Kessel, might not be the team captain, but that didn't stop him from taking charge. Kessel stayed next to Keller the entire time he was on the ice for encouragement.

That wasn't everything though, the moment the game ended Kessel went out of his way to be there to support his teammate and friend.

When Phil Kessel came off the ice after the game, he didn't go into the dressing room.

He went immediately to the medical area to find & support Clayton Keller.

Kessel has faced a lot of criticism from certain fan bases over the years, mostly from Toronto, but it's easy to see why no teammate had a bad thing to say about Phil Kessel.
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Phil Kessel shows incredible leadership after Clayton Keller injury

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