Philip Danault with an amazing gesture for a fan who was hit with by puck

Published May 7, 2022 at 3:43 PM

Last night the L.A. Kings lost to the Edmonton Oilers, 8 to 2. Unfortunately for the fans in attendance, the Kings didn't show up. It was bad enough that fans had to watch the game, but for one fan it got worse when he was struck with a puck that left the ice.

But fortunately for him, Philip Danault is a great guy who took notice and wanted to make it right for the fan. So how did Danault do it? Well he sent the fan a special gift with a special message written on it.

"Sorry For The Puck On Your Head- Philip Danault #24

Danault has won fans in Los Angeles over, since the move from Montreal. His generosity is one of the reasons he's been so readily accepted. His humility is worth noting, considering he was a depth center in Montreal, but is regarded as a star in LA.

One of the big moments for Danault was an exchange he made with another fan after reading his sign.

The sign was from a member of the Canadian Armed Forces asking the Kings' centerman for a puck in exchange for one of his military patches.

Danault agreed as the two shared a nice moment before the game was underway.

Earlier this week, the former Canadien spoke to the media about the encounter.

"Yeah, I think I definitely won that trade," Danault said half-jokingly. "It was a great moment. You don't expect that, you don't expect to live those moments, but yeah, I just saw my name on his [sign] and said, ‘If you score three goals, I'll give you a souvenir and give me a souvenir, as well.' So, I just gave him the puck. I wish I could give him a stick but it was the moment I got caught and I gave him the puck."

With the relationship he's built with fans at home and abroad, this makes the six-year, $33 Million AAV signing, much sweeter, along with a heightened production year, Danault is a steal!
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Philip Danault with an amazing gesture for a fan who was hit with by puck

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