Player agent provides an update on the Kirill Kaprizov situation and current location

C. Ritchie
July 15, 2022  (7:59)

Ever since Philadelphia Flyers goaltending prospect Ivan Fedotov was detained in Russia on charges of evading military service, the hockey world wondered what that would mean for other young Russian NHL players. Like most European and Asian countries, Rusaia has a law in which each healthy male must spend a minimum amount of time in the military. Now that it is the off-season and many players have returned home for a break, some are wondering how many will be able to come back for the start of the season.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most work visas being issued in the USA have been delayed. Most NHL players' work visas are linked to the length of their contract and the current team that holds their rights . With Kirill Kaprizov's new contract kicking in at the start of last season you would think he should be fine. However, last week Michael Russo of the theathletic.com detailed how Kaprizov tried to return to the USA and was denied due to visa issues.
Because of the sanctions imposed on Russia currently, there are no direct flights to the United States. Kaprizov traveled to Dubai before trying to enter the States, but was denied. He then flew to the Caribbean and was denied entry into the U.S. from there as well. It is being speculated that Kirill Kaprizov may not have a valid work visa and that is why he was turned away. It is believed that after those two failed attempts that he returned to Russia until everything is sorted out.
On Wednesday, player agent Shumi Babaev went on "Match TV" and appeared on the show "There is a theme" where he spoke on Kaprizov's status. Below is the transcript from Russian to English via google translate.
What is being inflated now is not true. He underwent surgery 10 days ago, after which there is a rehabilitation process. As far as I understand, he is doing rehabilitation in Germany, it will take 2-3 weeks.

Then he moves to America, deals with local doctors and prepares for the season. He is a student, he has a deferment from the army, he has a certificate that allows him not to serve. He didn't break anything. He has no worries, I know him, he will not go under any undercurrents, there is no point in this

This may seem like good news and the clarification we were looking for. However, there is one thing to consider, Shumi Babaev is not Kirill Kaprizov's agent. Babaev currently only represents 4 NHL players under contract. Kaprizov's agent is Paul Theofanus who also represents players like Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky. Theofanus has not commented on his client's whereabouts yet. So what is Babaev's relationship with Kaprizov? He may be telling the truth, but no one knows right now due to the conflicting reports. Minnesota Wild general manger Bill Guerin stated that he believes Kaprizov is still in Russia and never mentioned anything about surgery.
As we find out more about Kaprizov's situation we will update as best we can. As of right now we just hope he is safe and this is all a big misunderstanding.
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