Players activity trying to screw their team out of the first overall pick

Sam Hutch
January 29, 2023  (1:13 PM)

Last week, National Hockey League commissionaire Gary Bettman said that he thinks no team in the NHL would actively try to yank because of the weighted lottery now in place. We all know that's a bold faced lie, but he kind of has to say that.

Now a few players of the Chicago Blackhawks have come out and admitted that even though the organization is actively trying to make them tank, they're trying to win, take a look:
Seth Jones, who committed long term to the Blackhawks in the hopes of winning is especially pissed off. He had this to say:
"That's why we play the game, right? We're trying to win every game we play. We've got to control what we can control in here, and obviously the front office, they control that."

-Seth Jones on defying management's plans of icing a losing team every night

Another player not too happy with the organizations plans is MacKenzie Entwistle. He tries his best to go out every night and help the team win:
No, no, definitely not. Your goal is to win the Stanley Cup. Where we pick and stuff, that's something that we can't control. Every single guy in here doesn't want to lose. If you get the first-overall pick, chances are you lost and you had a pretty bad year. So every guy in this room wants to win. The higher we place, the better for us.

Entwistle on the team not being under the impression that a teenager will immediately right the ship in Chicago

Connor Bedard would be a nice add to any NHL team, but I understand players wanting to do their best, despite what management around the league is trying to do. It's the best league in the world, anything other than trying would be a disservice to the hard work they've put in to get there.
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