Potential trade coming between Toronto Maple Leafs and Dallas Stars?

Published February 19, 2022 at 8:36 PM

With the first big trade happening this week, we might start to see a fury of trades start to begin. For the last 2 games, the Stars have had scouts at the Leafs games.

One thing the Toronto Maple Leafs have been missing for a long time is a top 4 right handed defenceman. It also just so happens, that the Dallas Stars have one of those kicking around that has requested a trade out of Dallas this season.

John Klingberg at the beginning of the season had requested a trade because the team and him could not come together on a long term deal. Klingberg is a former 67 point scorer and can easily run a powerplay thats as loaded with talent like what the Leafs possess.

Currently Klingberg is on a very team friendly expiring contract with a cap hit of $4,250,000. So it would be interested to see if this would only be a rental for the Leafs or someone they intend to keep on long term. If they want to keep him long term they would need to free up a bit more cap space as they currently only have $1,491,551 available.

What do you think the Leafs would give up for Klingberg?
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