Predators prospect celebrates shutout in embarrassing fashion

Published February 11, 2023 at 7:48

When you're trying to move up the ranks of professional hockey, especially when you're young, wins are important for a goaltender, but it's all about how you win, not your celebration after the fact.

Nashville Predators goaltending prospect Yaroslav Askarov celebrates an impressive 45-save shootout win rather embarrassingly, take a look:

Askarov has a reputation of being an animated goaltender throughout his young career, however, everything about this celebration from the actual act itself to not pushing the net back on properly without help is cringe-inducing.

I'm all for people celebrating and In most cases I'm in their former when they do so, to me, this is a sign of being too cocky though.

If I was one of Askarov's teammates I would be talking to him after the game. There's a line between celebrating a big win and doing so in a way that makes everyone around you look bad.
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Predators prospect celebrates shutout in embarrassing fashion

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