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Radko Gudas pulls off one of the dirtiest slewfoots of the season

Published January 7, 2024 at 9:26 PM
Radko Gudas is known across the NHL as "The Butcher", the title comes from his tough as nail style of play. While over the years Gudas has shown that he's not afraid of anyone, he has also added a dirty element to his game. Tonight that side of Gudas reared it's ugly head.

At the end of the first period Gudas skated up behind Lucas Raymond away from the puck. As Gudas approaches he pulls his leg back and slewfoots Raymond. Sending Raymond down to the ice.

On the play Gudas was given a two minute minor for interference, which certainly doesn't take into account how dangerous of a play this truly is. Slewfooting another player is one of the dirtiest plays any player can perform during a game and is certainly the type of play the league should be trying to remove completely.

January 7   |   504 answers
Radko Gudas pulls off one of the dirtiest slewfoots of the season

Was two minutes enough for Gudas?

No, he deserved a major22845.2 %
Yes, a minor was fair6512.9 %
He should have been ejected18636.9 %
Didn't deserve a penalty255 %
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