Reporter reveals a NY Rangers rule that could be seen as discriminatory

Published March 30, 2022 at 7:29

In a story that will no doubt shock you in 2022, New York Rangers Alexis Lafreniere was conducting an interview, with Quebec reporter Jean-Francois Chaumont of the Journal de Montréal. During the interview Chaumont asked Lafreniere a question when they were suddenly interrupted by a member of the Rangers PR.

According to Chaumont they were told that if they interview was to continue it could only continue in English. Chaumont concluded the interview in English to ensure he'd obtained enough material.

It was then revealed on RDS 91.9 radio by Luc Gelinas what was said to Chaumont by the member of the Rangers team.

If you want this interview to keep going, it had to be in English only.

Apparently the next day at practice the Rangers Public Relations team told Chaumont the following:

Sorry about that rule, but that is a mandatory rule from Rangers General Manager Chris Drury.

This rule is apparently in place by Chris Drury because he wants to know and understand everything that is said and asked of his players.

This is definitely a concerning rule, especially since Alexis Lafreniere is from Quebec, where the official language is French. Lafreniere has also brought with him a huge french following since being drafted by the Rangers.

Gelinas shared that he believes that a complaint should be filed to the NHL against the New York Rangers.

Lafreniere has not made a comment on the incident, but it feels unfair that a play would be unable to ask or answer a question in a language they're most comfortable with.


Alexis Lafreniere is from St-Eustache Quebec and was 1st overall pick by the New York Rangers in 2020 NHL draft.

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Reporter reveals a NY Rangers rule that could be seen as discriminatory

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