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Robert Hagg drills John Tavares -Dangerous hit or hockey play?

Published March 28, 2022 at 12:01

During the Maple Leafs versus Panthers game last night, Robert Hagg threw a hit John Tavares that left Tavares upset. On the play as Tavares tried to take the puck deep into the Panthers' zone, but it appears Tavares gets tripped. It appears as though Hagg has already committed to the hit when Tavares falls.

You can see in the video Tavares is clearly upset at the play. Being hit while in a vulnerable position likely brings Tavares back to last spring when he was knocked out of the Maple Leafs' playoff series by a knee to the head.

While this hit appears dirty, it likely wasn't the intent of Hagg to deliver the hit to a downed opponent. Therefore it is in our opinion there should be no consideration of any supplemental discipline for Robert Hagg.

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Robert Hagg drills John Tavares -Dangerous hit or hockey play?

Was this hit clean or dirty?

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