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Robin Lehner calls out NHL Insider for more providing even more false information

Published March 18, 2022 at 9:57

It was less than a month ago that Robin Lehner href='https://www.bladeofsteel.com/Robin-Lehner-mocks-reporter-who-shared-his-medical-information-103631' class='lien_marqueur' target='_blank'>called out an NHL insider for commenting on his injury status. Now that same NHL insider is doing it again.

Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff, claimed that due to Lehner's injury he was done for the season. The same accusation he made in the middle of February that Lehner denied. The goaltender actually came back and played 4 games in the first part of March before reaggraviting his injury. This lead Seravalli to again say that Lehner was done for the season again, and again Lehner called him out for it.

Yesterday Seravalli doubled down with his information and shared the following.

The fear Mike, is that Robin Lehner is staring down a fractured patella, so a fractured kneecap. Which would clearly put him on the shelf for awhile. They're still hunting around trying to figure out what the exact diagnosis is, exact timetable is.

But Lehner wasn't having it so he took to Twitter to shutdown these claims by an Insider who clearly doesn't have the right information.

Others in the Vegas media took to Lehner's defense sharing the following information.

I expect this to be an ongoing issue until Lehner is back playing full time. It will be interesting to see how the Vegas Golden Knights address Lehner's status with the trade deadline less than a week away.
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Robin Lehner calls out NHL Insider for more providing even more false information

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