Robin Lehner finally deletes his social media and explains why

Published April 6, 2022 at 10:09

Las Vegas Golden Knights' goaltender, Robin Lehner, has had a very interesting career. He's been open and honest about his mental health issues and mental state in hopes that his story can inspire others.

Robin Lehner made a victorious return on Sunday, in Vegas' 3-2 overtime win over the Vancouver Canucks. Lehner revealed to team insider Jesse Granger that he was forced to make a tough decision.

Lehner is known to be a strong voice for people who don't have one, Lehner's been called, "The voice of the voiceless." Lehner is a huge advocate for mental health, and the importance and on how he believes the NHL should be run. He's taken a stance on how we should be helping players with personal issues, especially with so many hiding their issues.

Robin Lehner has confirmed that he quit social media by deleting his Twitter account, on which he liked to help and support people because of relentless bullying and the amount of energy it took out of him.

It's unfortunate that he decided to delete his twitter because it's a tool he's used to try to help people, but said "it hasn't been an easy climate for me" and that he thought it was the right move at the moment.

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Robin Lehner finally deletes his social media and explains why

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