Robin Lehner mocks reporter who shared his medical information

Published March 2, 2022 at 2:32 PM

Robin Lehner was out of the Vegas Golden Knights for nearly a month. It had been reported he was dealing with an injury, but one insider reported that he was in need of or had undergone season ending surgery. The insider who shared that information was The Daily Faceoff's, Frank Seravalli. Seravalli is quickly becoming one of the most popular insiders in the game, but it does appear he may have gotten his signals crossed on this one.

Back in the middle of February, Seravalli, shared some medical information about Vegas Golden Knights' goalie, Robin Lehner, would require season ending surgery.

Yesterday after being activated from IR Lehner met with the media and not only did he shutdown Seravalli's claims, but he took some parting shots at Seravalli as well.

That's a better question for @frank_seravalli, my doctor.

But Lehner wasn't everything, when asked about his longer term health he offered the following:

I'm not going to talk about injuries. Obviously what Dr. Seravalli said wasn't true. Obviously I haven't had a surgery, so I'm good.

This is another instance of an NHL Insider truly being on the outside of when it comes to something going on inside the league.
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