Ron MacLean gets roasted after making ridiculous suggestion

Published February 21, 2023 at 8:04

Sometimes you hear something about the game of hockey that makes you scratch your head. One of those things is that goaltenders can be captains on NHL teams. They've tried it in the past it hasn't worked.

However, if you weren't tired of Ron MacLean already, this outlandish suggestion on Hockey Night in Canada is enough to make anyone roll their eyes and tune him out, if you haven't already, take a look:

MacLean suggested that with the Flames not having a captain this year, goaltender Jacob Markstrom should be Calgary's captain

Not only is this a mind boggling thing to suggest to begin with, last time a goalie was captain, it failed miserably. many people already don't watch the intermissions anything with MacLean on their T.V. If you needed any more reason to believe the game has passed MacLean by, you found it.

After watching the segment live, one fan wondered what MacLeans former friend Don Cherry would think.

With Cherry gone from the Saturday night landscape, there's no one to stop MacLean from running his mouth and saying these kinds of foolish things
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Ron MacLean gets roasted after making ridiculous suggestion

Should goalies even be considered for Captain?

Yes, if they're the best choice23216.1 %
No, it makes no sense35324.5 %
Fire Ron MacLean85859.5 %
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