Ron MacLean under fire after his comments about Nazem Kadri upset fans

Published May 27, 2022 at 10:10

Ron MacLean is back in the news as he's drawing some negative criticism. This time the criticism stems from the comments he made about Nazem Kadri. The comments happened after Kadri's amazing Game 4 performance. Kadri notched a hat trick and added an assist, during one of the best games in his career. The performance came as he battled through the racist comments and death threats he'd received after crashing into Jordan Binnington.

After Kadri scored the go-ahead goal, he turned to the St. Louis crowd and gestured towards the very vocal group.

Amidst all the hate that Kadri received this was a purely emotional moment, but to add insult to the situation, MacLean thought it was his place to add that the gesture was, "in poor taste by Kadri". This comment by the out of touch MacLean basically equates to "just play hockey." MacLean continued and referred to Kadri's actions as "taunting" and "inciting Blues' fans"

These comments drew significant criticism and rightfully so:

Ron McLean called out Kadri for his fucking celebration....

Man, read the fucking room. His celebration wasn't the issue. It's the fucking fact he received death threats from that crowd.

Disgusting. You know what's hostile @RonMacLeanHTH? Getting death threats and racism thrown at you.

Be thankful that you will never experience that.

Sit this one out.

This is just another example where Ron MacLean is out of touch with the audience and how the game has evolved, while MacLean clearly hasn't.
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Ron MacLean under fire after his comments about Nazem Kadri upset fans

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